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今日はWindows Updateの日です!



> 今回の攻撃は、インターネットからElasticsearchにアクセス可能なこと、2015年に既に修正されている脆弱性が更新されていないことの2点が揃わないと被害に遭うことはありません。

In "undo domain blocking" page, "Unsilence existing affected accounts from this domain" Checkbox is no longer showing.

Is this only for me?

Environment: Mastodon v2.9.2 Non-Docker

I wrote Rails console script for cleanup old previewcards.

it works fine in my test environment, but not perfect i think.
(ex. impact range is unknown)

welcome your advice.

I want to cleanup old preview card's images.
They are saved for cache but not delete automatically.
(and I have over 2GB of them)
Is Mastodon has preview card cleanup commands like "tootctl media remove" or other ways?

@Gargron Hello.
I want to cleanup old preview card's images, because my server's free spaces running low.
Is Mastodon has cleanup commands like "tootctl media remove" or similar?


I'm trying to install Pixelfed to my development environment.
(Fedora 29 w/Nginx)

but encountered permission problem,
for example, see attachment.

Do you have documentation on permissions?


@Gargron Hello.
Thank you for developing Mastodon.

Currently, we're trying to develop rules for Japanese localization, but some explanatory sentences have no period at the end.

For example, see attachment picture.

Please tell me know if there are rules around that.

Discussion forum thread:

thank you.

(sorry to repost)



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