@pixelfed hi.
I'm trying to build my pixelfed server with Fedora and Apache + PHP-FPM but still not working...(my bad)
Pixelfed main files and Horizon is looks working fine, but looks something wrong between WebServer and PHP-FPM connection.
So, I want sample config file for PHP-FPM and Apache or Nginx (base and virtual host) , could you provide it?

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@pixelfed thank you for information.
I was building with reference to that page, but it does not work in my environment...
Displays "File not found" in browser, and "Primary script unknown" Error in nginx error log.

PHP-FPM socket file path in nginx config is correct.
Changing "fastcgi_param SCRIPT_FILENAME" param to "$request_filename" but not working.

My Server: Fedora 32, PHP 7.4.8, Nginx 1.18.0.

Any suggestions? thanks.

@pixelfed Okay, I'll create issue.
thank you for your support.

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